Employee Testimonials

We could give you an endless list of reasons why Morton's The Steakhouse is a great place to build a lasting, fulfilling career. But we believe that our talented people say it best. Let's take a look at what they have to express about working for our organization:

Mike Donlon,
Regional Director of Operations

"It's always been understood that Morton's is the best, and I've always wanted to work with the best. That's why I'm here...." read more
Cynthia Maxwell,
General Manager, San Francisco, CA

"When it comes to growth opportunities at Morton's, the sky's the limit. I, myself, started as a server ..." read more
Karen Kummer,
Food & Beverage Controller, Rosemont, IL

"There's an incredible amount of accessibility to management at Morton's. They're vested in improving the company ..." read more
Jeffrey Pagnotta,
Assistant General Manager, Naperville, IL

"I enjoy working at Morton's because I'm surrounded by people who are a lot like me: competitive, driven ..." read more
Jeff Keene,
Captain & Training Team Member, Palm Beach, FL

"I've found working at Morton's to be an exceptional privilege that's inspired a true feeling of pride within me. ..." read more
Artie Padilla,
Sous Chef, Chicago, IL

"One of the best things about working here is when the guests walk by, and we have a chance to ask how they liked their dinners. We get compliments..." read more